The Alps are an ideal destination for a wide range of mountain activities, including “white tourism” in the cold winter season, and “green tourism” in the summer months. 

Tourist activities include winter sports, mountaineering, trekking, eco-tourism, fishing, camping, mountain biking and motorcycling, rock climbing and caving. 

One of the most successful tourism projects is the 192 km “Peaks of the Balkans” trail, which lies mostly in the Balkan Peace Park. This cross-border trail through the Alps in Kosovo*, Albania and Montenegro won the 2013 prize “Tourism for Tomorrow”, awarded by the World Travel and Tourism Council. 

Hiking: The Albanian Alps area offers hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Some thematic trails, such as literature trails, the chestnut trail or the strawberry trail, have also been developed recently. All trails are marked with red and white signage. The best way to obtain information about the trails and their starting points is to ask or hire a local mountain guide. 

Caving: Numerous caves can be found throughout the park, including the Arapin, Bira Ujit and Cokut in Theth; the cave of Gula Xhyla along the Theth and Kiri Valley;  the Cave of  Pellumbave, Bunari, the Haxhi Cave, the black Cave along Valbona valley. There are several karstic caves in Tamarë as well: the Cave of Nënfateshe, Bunëve të Macurkut, Bunëve të Lucajve, Lugjeve të Bardhit,  Gjaçka and Malqe Gruda in Kelmend. The frequency of caves in the region is due to the abundance of limestone. Some of the caves are also said to have curative properties. Visitors should inquire about these caves with their guesthouses. However many are still not fully explored and visitors are encouraged to be very careful when entering caves. To be safe, always visit caves with a local guide. 

Canoeing: Rich in rivers, the Albanian Alps make an ideal destination for canoeing. However, tourists wishing to take to the waters will have to bring their own equipment. Canoeing can be done at the Cem and Valbona rivers. It is also an unforgettable experience touring the Koman Lake and the Shale River. 

Horse riding: This is an ideal way to discover the natural landscapes and villages of the Alps. Numerous guesthouses and families are engaged in horse breeding , can provide horses and accompany tourists. Horseriding are offered within the valleys, also for trespassing from one valley to another. Horses are also used to transport kids and luggauges from one valley to another. 

Cycling: enthusiast can find numerous unpaved roads in Kelmend allowing them to breathe clean air and enjoy a variety of wonderful alpine landscapes and river valleys of “Albanian Alps”. There are a lot of options of cycling trails, from one village to another but also circle trails. Hiking paths are not yet used for bicycles.